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Foundation For Strengthening Families Early Childhood Education, Single Parent Help, Community Resource, Daycare in St. Louis

Our organization seeks to strengthen the family unit through participation in family activities. Through education and access to community resources we aim to assist families achieve self-sufficiency and build generational wealth.

Strong Families Make Strong Communities.

Beginning in our first phase, we are focused on addressing the needs and concerns of the Hamilton Heights neighborhood located in north St. Louis. By providing education, resources, a new early childhood center and community support, we look forward to serving as a positive partner in the St. Louis community.

Meet Our Team

  • Cortaiga S. Collins
    Cortaiga S. Collins Executive Director
    Cortaiga S. Collins serves as founding executive director of the Foundation for Strengthening Families (FSF). Prior to founding the FSF Mrs. Collins started and operated a successful early childhood education center in St. Louis city. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Child Development and meets the state’s requirement to manage a center with 100 children. Mrs.Collins earned a bachelors degree from the University of Missouri in St. Louis and a masters degree in business administration from Webster University. She has formal education and 20 years professional experience in both for-profit and non – profit business and accounting.
  • Montina C. Mullen
    Montina C. Mullen President

    Montina C. Mullen serves as president of the Foundation for Strengthening Families (FSF). Ms. Mullen is employed with the Centene Corporation and has worked in the managed care industry for over 25 years. In addition to an MBA,Ms. Mullen has Masters Degrees in Health Management and Project Management. In addition to her commitment to FSF she has demonstrated her passion for helping disenfranchised youth by volunteering with Junior Achievement

  • Kia Ivy-Gibson
    Kia Ivy-Gibson Board Member
    Kia Ivy-Gibson serves on the board on the Foundation for Strengthening Families. She earned a bachelors degree in management from Illinois State University and a masters in business administration from Fontbonne University. She served in various management positions at the Target Corporation for 25 years. She offers a wealth of strategic management techniques to the foundation.
  • Mahogany Moore
    Mahogany Moore Board Member

    Mahogany Moore serves on the board on the Foundation for Strengthening Families. She has earned a bachelor’s degree in Organizational and Industrial Psychology from St Louis University and a certificate in Clinical Research Management from Washington University St Louis. She has worked in many roles at Washington University for 20 years and is now employed with Centene Corporation. She was also a real estate agent for 15 years and is passionate about building stronger communities through homeownership and owning businesses within the communities we live in. As an occupant of the community that the foundation serves she will add a wealth of knowledge on what is needed in that area.

We Provide

Community Support

Our New Facility

Our new facility will be complete in Spring 2021!

Our new building will house a high-quality early childhood education program, a teaching kitchen for health and nutrition classes, and classroom space for adult education classes and programs.