What We Offer

Foundation For Strengthening Families Early Childhood Education, Single Parent Help, Community Resource, Daycare in St. Louis

We help close the gap that exists between students from affluent communities and those from less economically advantaged communities. We will educate families about wealth building, ending negative cycles and the advantages of a united family unit.

Early Childhood Education

Education is a great defense against poverty.  Research has found that participation in high-quality early childhood education programs results in greater success later in life.

We have partnered with Good Shepherd Preschool and Infant/Toddler Center to bring a high-quality early childhood education facility to the West End Community.  Our goal is to bridge the 30 million word gap and the achievement gap that exists between children from affluent communities and those from families who live at or below the poverty level.  We offer access to high-quality education for children age birth – 5 years in our state of the art facility.  The programs are designed to deliver outcomes that are predictors of academic success in elementary school and beyond.  The program includes

• Literacy-rich Environments
• Developmentally Appropriate STEM Activities
• Outdoor Classrooms
• Natural Playground

Adult Education

The learning process is perpetual; therefore our education programs extend to adults.

Our healthy living programs include nutrition education and physical activity education.  Our teaching kitchen is used to teach parents to prepare healthy meals with minimal expense.

Family Engagement

Building strong families is at the heart of our programs.  Stress in the home can be minimized when external factors that jeopardize a peaceful environment are effectively addressed.

As we work with families to alleviate stress outside the home we offer tools, resources and activities to strengthen their family bond.  We provide education and experiences that include:

• Tools to rebuild damaged relationships between parents
• Mental Health Services
• Child development education

Healthy Start Nutrition Program
for New and Expectant Moms

Did you know that black babies are three times less likely than white babies to live until their first birthday?

This is why we have developed a program to help steadily decrease the infant mortality rate in communities of color. Please join us in the fight to help end infant mortality in the African American Community.

The next cohort of pregnant moms begins in July 2024.

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We strive to

Educate Children
Educate Parents
Build Relationships
Better the Community

Help us help the community

We are constantly looking for fresh faces to add to our group of amazing volunteers!

Don’t have time to volunteer? At the Foundation for Strengthening Families, we rely heavily on donations made to the foundation from community members. No donation is too small and we are forever grateful for each and every one of our donors. Make a change in your community by making a donation today!