Surviving 2020 – Thriving in 2021

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on our community through physical illness and financial burdens. Plus, our mental health has been targeted time and time again as we navigate quarantine and all that comes with it. Now, more than ever, organizations like ours are needed to rebuild our communities through shared resources and education.

Our organization, with the help of the community, will reconstruct St. Louis, creating a more equitable future. In order to do so, we need your help. To help us survive #2020, and thrive in 2021, we are asking that you give a one-time, or monthly, donation of $20.20.

Your donation will fund one of four project areas: Ending racial disparities in infant mortality; providing quality early childhood education; educating adults on financial literacy and addressing a problem you personally see in your community

Ending Racial Disparities in Infant Mortality

White babies are 3.5 more likely to reach their first birthday than Black babies. Why is that? Racial disparities in infant mortality are rampant in healthcare, childcare. transportation, housing and more. You can start making difference today by funding our new #NutritionalMoms campaign. This campaign will give new and expecting Black mothers access to nutritionist and nutritional foods to elevate their health and protect their newborns. The campaign focuses on breastfeeding and other nutritional elements of raising a newborn.
A $20.20 donation to this campaign can fund one of many things:
• Consultations with nutritionists, mental health professionals and lactation specialists
• Boxes of healthy foods for new mothers
• Recruitment of mothers for the campaign

Providing Quality Early Childhood Education

Our Foundation partners with Good Shepherd Preschool and Infant/Toddler Center to help provide early childhood education. As students return to school, and parents return to work, the center would like to return to some normalcy. The cost of the new normal is high. From tedious disinfecting to furniture built for social-distancing, your funds can make a big difference.

A $20.20 donation to this campaign can fund one of many things:
• Cleaning services at the childcare center
• COVID-19 Signage around the Foundation and Center
• New tables/chair that allow social distancing

Educating Adults on Financial Literacy

At this point, many people are feeling the burden of COVID-19 in their pocketbooks. When unexpected things happen, such as a pandemic, it is important to have a plan. Through financial literacy education, we can provide adults with the tools to create that plan to remain resilient after financial hardships.

A $20.20 donation to this campaign can fund one of many things:
• Creation of educational content about financial literacy
• Hiring of a financial expert
• Virtual classes on financial literacy

Pitch a problem and help us solve it.

We want to know how you think the Foundation can help out your community specifically. Please submit ideas for us to pursue to our communications specialist Arkayla Tenney-Howard at Remember, we can only solve the problem if we all commit to providing the resources it takes to create a long-lasting solution.